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me i'm on big. most of it's on the parade of additional but i do most of the scottish design o.c.c. pilch is a cool choice of where not just the some of the bad foremost among them is how little space itself will form a grand marshal to parade the skills he did more than by robyn williams i was coming in vin diesel and how he works he makes kilts for the twenty first century. for twenty years or more you've been. a radical evolution of tom and tell us what. i'm trying to kill. ridgeley was every day called and before the. seven hundred forty five after the jacobite rebellion and it was seen as. a rebel and. i wanted to kill back to work really was every day that actually has been medically proven but scottish men are less likely to get tax take or cancer.
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because they were killed because they get more airflow. you're more portal. caddis not to cavies quick character and fight in terms of your target to use for they made by having for today show not have a boss to say this is a plea how he peeled off the top into stapler writing for some time what about the kill you were in that famous hogmanay actual last year the stress of that was. everything i and we have otherwise how he's had it and i is a great great chap billy billy a nice guy and the did you enjoy the parade. trips from. the days running up to the parade you'd be in times square trying to form a segment about something entirely different lists this band of it lead to scots would come up. to somebody else sometimes it was great fun and certainly a celebration of all things scottish which of course takes us on to carnegie hall which also i think you maybe sang a song or two alex perhaps when you got there. david one of the editors. and that's
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the first of a programs on the contribution of scots to modern america we start here in the the whole bill by under committee was a great claim to be the most influential of all scots on modern america he became the world's richest man for honest and devan ruthless and then he proceeded to almost invent the concept of one for peace and gave his fortune away because in the precepts of undercover niggas fear he who dies rich dies shamed what absolutely stunning they need to figure ever get the chance to play a pretty good haul at the alex salmond on the show perhaps think of my gentle fun to score the tell you the american who should or should do the curator of the the rules museum is as cold as collected hundreds of thousands of come the exhibits over the over the last twenty years or so to a great story if that business for some whole he actually had a part time job as
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a student in the one nine hundred seventy s. and the very first steve's an usher in the gods the very first the elephant fitzgerald was singing so after the show no more mobile phones in these days almost after the show he phoned his dad incent listen a bit of my job that can the whole i've been paid i have been paid to listen to ella fitzgerald his dad said well that's a job for you gina and he's still there for. a re or for service while lovely story what a great job to have in fact i went to what carnegie would have thought under. was that the richest man in the world i mean proportionately much richer than all the dotcom billionaires these days he was by far the richest man in the planet and then when he retired he proceeded to give away his entire fortune for it still big was his fortune he had trouble finding things to to give it so i think it might have approved of. the main issue with this is not command scotland's great
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reputation the answer is you do for scotland the brand two cities in particular in scotland have risen very quickly first glasgow with their tourism branding slogan of people make glasgow which was developed by surveying hundreds and hundreds of thousands of glaswegians to come up with words that resonate with the local population so it's truly authentic as people make glasgow make glasgow that's right and then in the city of edinburgh the slogan is this is edinburgh which allows every citizen to contribute their own voice as edinburgh is doing now with the edinburgh twenty fifty project to develop the future of this this great city so from what you say scotland has achieved a very strong brand identity has a very high percentage of visits to the local population but is there anything else
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scotland should be doing from from your assessment is a something else that could be cutting through on yes indeed we should continue to evaluate and analyze brand perceptions of brand scotland but in addition we should not only listen with our head but also our heart it reminds me of when the scottish parliament building that beautiful iconic building or opened in edinburgh many years ago and edwin morgan wrote that wonderful poem open the doors he was the mark of the national poet of sad also correct and mr morgan's point resonated with the entire country so that today our tourism slogan is scotland is now and now it's all about opening the doors to everyone to say this is a welcoming caring sharing country we invite you to join us. the wonderful professor joke or black protocol scotland a song of course we are proud to have them and we've covered a number of human interest stories one in particular that certainly caught my
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attention i think many of our viewers too was the story of the former presiding officer the scottish parliament to show market how she feels so much adversity. you're very seriously ill when you're preserving officer and yet continued impost with hope people will think be aware of just as soon as you can this was you were one of two of us will publish the two to be told by you but not nearly so close but how you confronted that illness and turman that you could still continue in post and be effective as preserving yourself you know it was important that i didn't tell anybody just i was because it comes to the fight me it can't show weakness in a chair. if people had known i was in the tree i would have done two things they would go for help bark from being as rough boys that this is the should be or second little bit take advantage of up and i just thought it was really really important to keep love pointed and normally we could do that was more telling in
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a pretty little courageous lydia r. i was one of the very few people who actually knew how ill trisha was and yet she continued her drusus as presiding officer a truly remarkable performance and all credit to her for that she was very clear in your questions the first female presiding officer of the scottish parliament a wonderful achievement for her in that interview one of the things that struck me the most was what she said about being the first person from a state educated background that meant so much more to her but of course she's not retired at all actually she's in catalonia doing all sorts of things that is issues about the right for people to texas sized democracy which she feels as a presiding officer is a great thing to do but i think some model for what you should do us the office of presiding officer your ex first minister to do all sorts of things television shows all that sort of stuff what's an ex presiding officer make speaker do but i'm going to the house of lords provides a fantastic example she's doing scotland proud and of course women in politics
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something again cost her her heart and of course this year marks a hundred years since women had to fight straight to but there's been so many marches for women going on across the country i was delighted to interview helen pankhurst how much of an influence has been related to the leaders of the british suffragette movement had on your life how could you not be influenced by two thirds amazing people and you know carrying the surname it had to be part of what i did with my life and you know they were so amazing because of what they did in the past but the fact is that that still relevant today the issue of women's rights resonates through the ages so that name is not just part of history it's part of the present those quotes of interview want of you know what do you do when you've got i mean my prime cost and you're also not to the cynic. for for women's progress across a range of things but copying that family name must be quite so for. krista's use the name as best as she possibly can to reason what i said in a variety of issues moving from votes for women to getting women into parliament
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but it's been quite a lot of antics over the past few months of public women off getting into politics if you like the controversies clay marks the house of commons in the dying embers of of the year and not least that in the run up to christmas i think everybody was glad to pack up their bags and go home but the be back next week for the new year we'll see what that brings and also we'll see what's coming up after the break ranks well coming up after the break we're going to submit to some of the book thomas and i will both be selecting or very very very few clips from two thousand and eighteen join us then.
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so you will both be in the. last years does you years or was. it with the people most of congress or not all what i mean. to make it was. really a local signature movie can you see as you know if you buy if. you're in a couple million. or if you move in with the one within them what are most most implement many possibilities but why would you move forward to feel.
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when i saw the same wrong. when all was just don't all. all believe yet to say power is they become educated and in danger but it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart wait just to look for common ground. for a single. training
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very. eight months of intensive school. rats. and they save lives. hello my name's peter and i've been living in bush for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've. got . to see if.
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you're welcome back we've covered up right here very interesting subjects including that of. those who were the chief rabbi had to. be a jewish problem and he semitism is a threat to our entire society so the fact that the british nation are investing in this initiative is enormous and. if we can and most of all the holocaust survivors because they are really deeply worried what's going to happen beyond their own life time we need to let them know that we're going to carry their torch for them we
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will guarantee that we will remember the holocaust and more importantly will remember the lessons of the holocaust isn't a tragic alec's that so many years after the second world war the world hasn't yet learnt to those lessons so we do need to educate a splendid chap the chief rabbi as i do have the privilege of serving with them and the holocaust memorial commission one of the sponsible for planning the new memorial which is being built beside the the house of lords with its emphasis on education and that's it's not just bricks and mortar it's going to be about the education of the next generation on the horror of the holocaust well of course the chief rabbi was really keen to talk about religious tolerance because we've had so much intolerance over the past year islam a phobia of course being a subject which we covered and of course at ramadan too we visited of course the central mosque in london after a month of fasting as ramadan twenty thousand approaches it sent in more than one hundred fifty thousand muslims well appreciated over this month i need celebrations
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are being planned we look at what it means and it's important to muslims around the world of course you important because it's been many many you know where some programs a couple of anti semitism in the labor party this last year but not so many of covered islam a phobia on the conservative part of course by an aside of r.c. has raised this issue on a number of occasions and that month was also taken up by her fellow appear at large chick who wrote it to the prime minister about this very issue but the conservative party is going to do to tackle in fact you spoke to your cheek on the green luxury welcome to the valley examine show you have a vast conservative muslim member of the house of lords recently you've written to the prime minister expressing your concern about as lama for the. within the party what provoked you to do that unfortunately i believe that islamophobia does exist not within the conservative party of troy to deal with the matter. by
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writing to the present prime minister to the previous prime minister as well as have spoken to the c.c. h.q. . but unfortunately we have not received the right. and no action has been taken i believe that the party should accept that there is a problem let's come off his high horse of the denial. of the answer to anti semitism islamophobia is education and building bridges but it wasn't just bridges you were building i wasn't just building bridges alex i was building ships and talk about the future of ship boarding and ask the parties on it of all the great names of british shipbuilding perhaps harland and wolff is the most famous of all. the largest ship boats in the world a seventy boat the world's largest ships with the olympic class including the titanic partly launched in the belfast jetty before the great war the decline of
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the country much that's a british ship boating as a whole with effectively the entire industry not confined to military orders with little presence in any commercial shipping markets a well to market now worth some two hundred fifty billion dollars. you know those a bit more to that clip the writers may know as you were extolling the future the shipbuilding to the camera i was done stopping the people from the family who'd just landed coming through your drop so this queue of people getting off from suspecting a ferry in the thames and i would let them off and too huge for the street model of a little bit of a corporative thanks them all but at the same time that bridge is actually moving backwards and forwards and those who are more distant will have moved from trying to state the law by saying that that delivery there but only we also met with the wonderful people of ferguson shipyard to increase that you've got to do a piece of the thames and i've got to go back to school. if you look here very low
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with unfair costs and we have our own three hundred people but as the knock on effect about highs in the local community we bring in security back to these ploys well the good jobs that will create here which then gives the forward truth about people buying houses in the world clearly the schools the local community while sticking to transport we've moved of course from ship building to trains and the future of real across united kingdom and especially of course h.s.t. what we've got to speak to some of the campaign has been at the end of the day i think people are just looking to get on their journey as quickly as possible for it to be on to money with a three part series in the future that it was and some of the campaign was mice to change my mind on that chest to. london commuters from the plush bottles of the size the stuffing would be uniting in solidarity with one of the most militant trade unions of the country they have had enough of highfields nightmare of germany's and trade so overplayed that even the leader of her majesty's opposition
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can't get a seat for love their money what brings you of course all together you know residents of the bar of camden perhaps john can tell us what that means for you all intensity case thousand as most you say all residents of kunda more we live in the area which is around euston station just to the north of the station and as you know the the new high speed line is on its way into used them from the from the north so we're in the in the firing line as it were they could very very easily move this departure point for the station and this bigger argument to say about employment and this huge travel. massive hub which is a great thing isn't actually essentially think about it we've already got connections into london we don't need this thing ramrodding it's way right you know you're saying that we should have started fast rail in scotland in the laws of england where the absolute is most certainly i think the connectivity into london it is perfectly good in fact we need to get congestion out of london we don't
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increase congestion that's for sure which is much greater option he's the nation to do develop the north more that could end up a better connection in the midlands and these precious little bits of our ecology for example in the urban environment is what i want to interested in this land grab and it is really an acceptable and for the greater good of our nation is environments linked disastrous for you are moving on from sort of the environmental to the environmental aspect you're concerned about effect on ecosystem plants and animals like that and indeed they are the forest up and down the country and you know close the ecosystem they say they're going to build new ecosystem but it takes four hundred years you know to build an ecosystem so that's rubbish they close they really closed one and a half you know. eastern parks down the pollution is going to go sky high and really worried about the air pollution and klein earth is taking the government to court three times in the fourth time to the new parliament i've gone to our house which is part of the un environmental division and you know but they're not
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compliant they don't want to get so when they got the dreaded news you know that this was that it was getting close down i think you didn't leave any of the stop buying no the last weekend we had a party where we drank it dry and anything left in this place would want more and more wants to. the story of the pub been named after his daughter in fact the way that aspect of the communities have been treated grown euston station by the chance to development it was very moving stuff and just out of the persuaded me for the arguments of the campaigners that perhaps fast will be the thing with this bill will be technology of the past that's what really told me was certainly a very moving interview that i wish all of our family well i'm sure we all to you at the show but there have been or there must've been some high points of two thousand and eight what was your what's your favorite clip the favorite place of being to interview that i think because i thought i'd been to the club a bit to see how much the suffering from some struck during this clip so the substrate was was to be able to finish the clip was
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a triumph over the song the rock of gibraltar the strive for the world as approach as i was to the point of the europe part of the iberian peninsula to start me here i'm only twelve miles from the top of africa each of these factors have had a substantial influence and making up the divest communities of this fascinating territory one thing's for sure both period my identity has been forged and plains of adversity that's going to stand up in good stead and interesting times ahead. well that was take twenty five of. those to that day to his playing that i haven't liked them so much it was a triumph trust me. what's your favorite subject of favorite clip i thought it might be really really difficult to choose a clip or sees of clips of the most to me over the past year but i think the cities we did on the main cast you had a profound impact to me it because i didn't know enough about it and i learnt so much but b because of the people that we met along the way let's just take
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a look at some of the back into the. great naval. history with the loss of life was great to. lusitania come by. really remember. what it is just a few miles off the port side and see them. on the seventeenth of june one thousand for. the you. so interest program for remembrance day with chop the history of the line. we speak to the last few remaining survivors we speak to the relatives of those who perished and those who survived to speak for the campaign was about the long struggle for remember i would try to answer the question of why the greatest naval disaster in british history has been confined to the vaults of history. you know the sea the sea is cruel but perhaps not quite as cruel a source of denied remembers to so many as seventy eight you. talk
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about your medal so because you serve right through the what i can see the medal say now on was that. there was a long couch or missouri well to me. it would delight to have a medal that signifies a letter. over to your last years sean where he told me order of all our version. not just. though everybody was given one how she wanted to apply well and it just so happens that one with me. and with great pleasure. you. must be asleep very narrow engineers my privilege to present as you are that is really. are are certainly are pretty
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high. for your service and not on very pleased i'm here to talk to a paper about art and talking so well or love. this privilege. the lovely they're receiving maids or probably and it was just the most wonderful moment for him and from his family a hundred one years old one of the lancaster survivor is an amazing experience one i'll never forget and treasure forever speciously one hundred one years young as you rightly say it wasn't doesn't just have the most moving moment the you also told the joke of the year because believe me does every single faculty. come to town. in fresno nine did not know me well last. year. well normally would climax
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a new year's show with more songs song in the plaza all blind sign something tells me that the has another bottom song i'm of the buttons in mind well we're going to hear from my favorite thing our vibrance is going to play a fight with international anthem of equality a man's a man photo that so from the spin of myself and everyone of the show is a good new year and good bye for now. this is the. week. we do. not tours of school. there are nine kids but.
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it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi don't it was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company going to all develop so that to mind a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy and. it turned
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out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby anything paul you know she said is just. minutes a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that i did not only want the money i want the revenge . you know world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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new year span different fantastic all the episodes drill down into twenty nineteen predictions. ten years of the kaiser report. to me is divided as ministers to months deportation and tough asylum millis after a shocking attack by migrants should be on. to be able to breed here and
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commit a crime and. they have to go back. to have our laws you don't have to change the laws of. the search and rescue operation comes to a man's following the collapse in the russian city. of the body of the final victim in a tragedy which killed. us looking back at last year's mainstream media coverage.


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